What Is Table TalkN?

Table TalkN is our way of giving back on a deeper level than our pockets could ever contribute.

This world has seen enough pain, suffering, heartache, and more so we wanted to provide another portal of love. This site is for all of those who want to love & be loved. Yes, we know you want more, but a little love goes a long way.

So what is Table TalkN? For now, it's a site that we will use to help us all develop and maintain healthy, loving relationships. From our relationships with ourselves to our relationships with our technologies, we're covering it in due time. Feel free to suggest things by emailing us. Even if it's just a thought & you haven't fleshed it out, we'll help you with that & feature you if you wish. This is one of those sites looking for participation because it is not all about us. Besides, we can't think of everything.

Disclaimer: While we are open to what you have to say & we don't want to stifle anyone's opinions, we will NOT deal with rudeness & negativity. You may disagree with someone without being harsh. You may & should do so IN LOVE. That's all we ask. Constructive criticism is welcome, but we ask that you NOT attack someone else for having a difference of belief or opinions. Thanks!