Why Are We TalkN?

We talk because the conversations need to be had; the dialogue needs to be here.

There's plenty of mediums that discuss love & relationships. Why are we doing the same thing? We're not. See, we're not here to TELL you what works for you. We're here to just have a conversation. Let's talk about it because we can learn and heal from just talking. Talking about it can bring people closer than ever before. Talking gets things into the ether that nip at us to deal with what's going on around us. Basically, we want to encourage & help you to be a better relationship participant by allowing you to examine bits & pieces of our life.

We will talk about everything under the sun that come into play in our relationships. This is meant to be a safe space so take off your shoes, kick back, and join us on this journey. We will uplift and challenge each other to experience a higher level of confidence & pride in love. And no, we're not saying we're gonna like everyone, but I don't have to not love you just because I don't love you. Trust me when I say you can love someone & not like them at the same time.