Who's TalkN

I am. You are. We are.

Who is I? No one in particular, but those of us below will serve as the family hosts if that helps you. Although, we are a very small immediate family, we have a grand family that includes both blood & chosen relations.From time to time, we will feature them as "experts" because we can't cover it all.

Host Husband & Father: 
I am a husband, I am a father and most importantly, a believer in the music of life. I love life and I love those I choose to spend my nights and days with.  My family is the key to my sanity even though I act crazy around them. I have been humbled by the experiences of life and educated on what it truly means to love.  Wisdom is not wasted on me as I attempt to learn what it takes to make sure that my family is secure on a regular & consistent basis.

Host Wife & Mother: 
I am a wife and mother who often times gets frustrated because of all of the responsibilities of life. I love my family with everything I have and would give my life for them. I take my responsibilities and blessings VERY VERY seriously, but my men have a way of loosening me up. I enjoy my life because I have a family who encourages me even when they don't know it. I am also very very weird or so I've been told.

Host Son: 
I am 2. Keep that in mind as I insert my wisdom from time to time. Don't trust my mom - she often makes up crazy stories about me just for laughs. My dad is the most awesome person I know until he ... well, takes moms side. Feel free to bribe me with "ice cream", apples, milk, or cheerios "those".

If you'd like to know more about us, just let us know by commenting below & we'll "put it on the table."