Challenge 5: 30 Day Insanity Prelude

Alright y'all I decided to prepare for Insanity. Heard of it? If not, what rock have you been living under?

So here's my background. I'm always about the next easiest way to have fun exercising. I heard about Insanity and immediately wanted it and someone was GREAT enough to send it right on to me. Sweet!! Anyway, here's what happened.

3 months after the arrival of lil man, I was all set to begin my Insanity journey ... or so I thought! The 1st day, I didn't make it all the way through just to find that I was doing the wrong day's workout. I did the workout for Day 1 of Week 2 ... blah! So I started over. The next morning, I got up and did the right workout. Yeah, I made it through the workout only to realize that it was JUST the warm-up. DUDE! Seriously?! I wasn't excited at all cause I BARELY made it through the doggone warm-up. I wanted to punch Shawn T and his backup exercisers in the face for that foolishness!! So yeah, I less than barely made it through that Day 1 Workout. Geez! So anyway, I tortured myself like this for about a week I believe. Then, one day as I was headed upstairs for something, my leg totally gave out on me. The good news was I was holding on to the rails so no actual fall happened. The bad news was that that was the 1st of 3 times in one day. I decided I'd better chill on the Insanity workouts until my body was ready again. Can't be falling carrying lil man - he got goons. Heh heh heh!

Well, fast forward to today (a good 2+ years later). I've gone back & forth with plans to start up Insanity once again, but I keep punking out. Yeah, I just can't talk myself into getting back on it. However, I need to do something so here's what I'm gone do. I found out about a 30 Day Intro to Insanity Blueprint (from here) and received it in my email so I can prepare for my Insanity journey. I am looking forward to it while covering my eyes and peeking through my fingers. [Y'all know how we do when we don't, but do wanna see that scary or disgusting part of a movie.] My 1st huddle may be easier than it would have been before though. I shall take my before pics and not be ashamed of them. Yeah ...

I'm going to try to do this about once every other week so I can see my progress cause that may be the only way to jump-start this thing for me. I hate looking at terrible pics of folks especially of myself. I should prolly go buy new workout clothing articles - mine are old and the wrong size so they provide very little support. I think I'm good with shoes though & there's plenty of water bottles around the house. Well, here's to being Insane!!!

Keep in mind that I still gave the Mr. permission to place his own workout challenges on the whiteboard for me. This will be an interesting 30 days! He's way too excited too so y'all pray for me & send all the good luck vibes ya can my way. Also, remember to check on me so I don't punch Mr. in the face. Heh heh heh!!!

Get yo workout on folks ...


Challenge 5: Taking Care of The Temple

SO my body is the temple of the Lord. 1 Corinthians 6: 19-20 states:
19 Do you not know that your bodies are temples of the Holy Spirit, who is in you, whom you have received from God? You are not your own; 20 you were bought at a price. Therefore honor God with your bodies.
This to me has a lot of meaning and can be interpreted in so many different ways. Matter of fact, each time I read it, I find a different meaning in it that applies to that very moment. At this moment though, I'm using it to really refocus myself on being healthy in the physical. 

See, I've been slacking for awhile now. I had all of these plans for riding my bike & jump roping with lil man. And then there was the treadmill plan of doing a bit of jogging while lil man played. And finally, there was the whole I'll workout while lil man naps. NONE of them worked for long. I've tried all at least once, but didn't really focus on it and kept having excuses for not working out. My number 1 excuse is: "I'm tired." Well, now my issue is that "I'm tired" of looking at this flabby belly and feeling the (old) familiar fit of my clothes. Being too tired to really enjoy our active lifestyle, I feel like I'm dragging and holding the family back. That's not cool. So instead of continually failing at these writing challenges, I'm gone place myself on this physical challenge. This also means that I am officially giving my husband leeway to hold me accountable for my workouts. [There will probably be more posts about how I despise him cause he's a GREAT coach in the sense that he won't take no & forces you to really stretch out of your comfort zone when it comes to fitness. I still love him though.]

Now the other difference with this challenge is that I plan to build upon it not only with different fitness plans, but maybe even my eating habits. I suck at eating healthy for an extended amount of time. I do really well for a few months and then I do really bad for a few weeks and then the cycle repeats. I'd love to find a healthy eating space I can hold on to for life. I'm getting better though cause these few weeks of not so healthy having been as bad as in the past. And I've began dabbling in seafood again so yay me. I also haven't been cooking my homemade stuff so y'all know I'm feaning a good home cooked meal for the simple fact of cooking.

Speaking of, y'all up for a Sunday Dinner soon? I'm bringing it back now that we're back to just us ;) No really, I have this turkey that needs to get cooked before Thanksgiving. I'm thinking of slow cooking it. Hhhmmm ... I guess Id better get that thing out of the freezer so it can thaw.

Welp folks ... that's all. Again, if you see me or just think of me - holla at me about the love notes and this fitness challenge.

I just realized I didn't say what fitness challenge. I'll get to researching that cause it has to be something that will get me back energized about working out. On to my research.

Challenge 4: Love Notes Failure

I failed something awful on these love notes. It's like I just couldn't find the time nor the words to say. Is writing a love note really that hard? Apparently it is for me. I only got 8 of these done. So sad since I started off great with 5. Yeah, so I only wrote 3 more. I suck big time, but I'm gonna take this one with me on through the next challenge.

So why did I fail this challenge? Honestly, I have very little motivation to do it. People keep pissing me off and showing just how selfish and self absorbed they can be to each other. It's sickening to watch and more painful to be apart of such an atmosphere. Y'all: What happened to treating people as you want to be treated and really being for real about that? I'm seriously at a lost for words for how far off the mark people are with this thing. I don't have the filters to address it with folks who aren't really listening to me either; I hate wasting my words on deaf ears. Know that the way I treat you is the way I wish to be treated by you.

If I opened up to you and then started closing up shop, you have done something to prove I can't be open with you. I'd say fix it, but usually by the time you notice, I'm more than halfway out the door. I probably now want you to just let me go. However, please don't be rude about it. While that may make it easier for me to keep on moving, it also puts a nasty taste in my spirit concerning you. That ain't right. I like to separate on amicable terms in which we still cool and can be cordial without my innards recoiling at your presence.

On the other hand, it also depends on how we met. I'm leery of some most folk when I first meet them so I usually keep to myself and don't say much. Give me time. There are several folk who I literally had an immediate negative visceral response to who I have no problem with today. It's just my nature and I'm working on that, but I'm honest about it. They knew that I wanted nothing to do with them and would go the opposite direction. Now, we're cool and I've found that I enjoy their conversation and company.

So yeah, back to these love letters. I'm gone get over the immense selfishness of others. I could say I'm just gone be selfish myself, but I can't. I've got to get these love letters written. So if you see me or think of me, give me a nudge and ask about these doggone love letters ... on to the next challenge.

What's the point?

Good evening all,
I've recently experienced something that kinda threw me for a loop.  I was actually rejected.  Now I don't say that egotistically (even though that is exactly how it sounds) but I say that reflectively.  To start, let me introduce a little "background" into the subject.  I was a part of a small section where we all shared one major thing in common. It started off great and continued on for a minute.  But then as time moved on, we all had a differing of opinion on a number of things. 
Now it's okay to disagree on something, that's what helps relationships to grow.  The problem was that not enough people, self included, were real enough to tell their complete feelings when the opportunity presented itself.  And when (and if) someone did want to "share their thoughts" on a subject, it may have come at a different moment.  Needless to say, feelings were hurt, people were upset, and the overall atmosphere of the group became "fake" when certain individuals were around.
Fast forward to today.  An opportunity has come up where we could all hang out together for a little bit, but I, personally, didn't feel moved to attend.  I stated that I would not be in attendance, in a very diplomatic way, and kept it moving.  I did recognize that this could play out in a number of different ways: good, bad, indifferent.  The group chose to meet without me, which is fine and what I would have chosen to do too.  But they are considering getting a replacement for me.  So at this point, I can choose to (a) confront the group (b) have hurt feelings, (c) keep it moving. 
Anyone that knows me is quite well aware that I am picking C without a doubt.  Anyone else, might actually be "concerned" with what others think and do, but as for me - I'm choosing to look more on my family; starting with my lovely & wonderful wife and beautiful baby boy (even though he's not so much a baby now) and moving to other family, extended and such.  I've been around to know that there is truly a season and a reason for every period in your life, and God doesn't just allow for those to be only happy good times.
There's also a bigger picture; something more that can be learned and applied.  Not only to this particular instance, but for future instances as well.  Am I bothered by the whole thing? I'd be lying if I said that my initial reaction was a little bit of "gruffness".  But that definitely didn't last long.  But I thought I would share it because you can always learn from your past and, if nothing else, consider this a learning point in your career called life.
There is always purpose.
Good night to you & you & you...


JAM Randomness

Random excerpt from our Hangouts (Chats). This is how we show our love.
Good morning my love. Thank you!
Good morning and you're welcome. You may be a trader, but you are still my husband so uumm yeah -
I'll remember that if i ever have to defect to another country for clandestine work...
In case you're lost, I am not an Apple fan, but my husband is a fan of FREE ... heh heh heh!

Disclaimer: JM looks at too many spy shows and has been listening to too many of the Bourne books. He's really just an amazing husband that dreams of being a superhero while being employed by a certain university.


Time to reflect

Good day my friends.

Today, (or whenever I post this), I want to clear my head. That's what a blog, at least this one, it's for.  As I sit in this hotel lobby waiting for my wife to get done with her meeting, here in sunny California,  I'm reflecting  and thinking about things that this trip has brought to my attention.

1. I'm so lucky and blessed to have this life that I do.  People have been "clowning" all week about us traveling so much.  We did just get back from a week's vacation for our anniversary (#roadtrip). But me and the Mrs do not travel without each other (wherever possible).  So when I have to go to Frankenmuth,  MI for work,  my family is coming with me.  When my wife has to go to California for a one day conference... Normally we would bring the little guy, but a quick turnaround,  2 11 hour travel days and a 2 year old do not mix.

2. My wife is sexy as hell!  We were going down for breakfast this morning and as I was walking behind her, I saw that figure 8 frame that, if you're not careful, she'll hide it on you.  She is a classic introvert. Not "shy" mind you, she just doesn't need the attention of others,  as a result, she dresses accordingly. Lucky for me she had a business thing that requires more than comfy clothes. And the clothes she chose to wear were a "nice fit" ;-D.

3. I need to get back to my devotional time, definitely back in my word. I had time this morning to read, pray and comprehend what I studied. It was more than a quick prayer in the shower before heading out to work.  (Stop judging me, it's more than some do).  But my day has went well, and even if it hasn't, I have a peace within me that helps me deal.

4. These times are crazy. As I mentioned, I'm here in the lobby of the hotel and the news is on & of course they were covering the shooting.  People shooting and killing others at a Navy yard?! Killing! Over what? What issue is so bad, so traumatic that you would do an act of terror? Yes I'm calling it an act of terror, because people are scared.  Why do others feel the need to destroy and take life when they themselves are the ones suffering?  The main point of my Bible study today is "faith".  Sometimes we have to just stop and think about what keeps us from being the ones that suffer?  We have to have faith that we will be protected, and when it is our time, we will be taken care of in the end.  Wrapping this whole post together,  I've been blessed and I, personally, have to have faith that God will continue to bless and give me strength as I deal with life and all that it entails.


Morning Blessing

You ever just wake up like "blah" & just go about your day all just "whatever"? Well, that was me this morning. THEN these ridiculous drivers kept being in my vicinity just ruining my whole "blah" vibe almost turning it to a "What The Foolishness" kind of day. I decided I need to go back to sleep and try this day again ...
Well, not 5 minutes after posting that tweet, I received a text that just touched my Spirit immensely and was like a jolt of energy. That text simply said:
Rejoice in the Lord always: and again I say, Rejoice. -Philippians 4:4
My response was:
I needed that cuz!
And the follow-up response was:
Aww... GOD knew! He sees yall.
He definitely does and He knew I needed a simple reminder of what He placed me down here to do and be. Even more, right after ending that conversation, my radio played Let The Word Do The Work [Donald Lawrence] followed by He Knows [Karen Clark-Sheard]. Y'all, I had no choice but to shout cause my GOD knows me - lil ol' me.

Y'all I'm not the MOST spiritual person out here, but sometime the Lord even speaks to a delinquent soul as mine. You ever been moved by such a simple conversation? Seriously, I pray she reads this and knows just how much her simple text blessed my Spirit today before the Devil took ahold of me and tried to ruin my day.

So to end this post, know that I love & appreciate y'all. Be blessed folks!


Road Trip: Reviews, Reviews, Reviews

Made a late night, last minute reservation and forgot to read the reviews until after our arrival. Not cool! This place is shifty as ALL get out! It'll be fine for tonight, but I am not ever doing that again. The rest of our trip reservations will be made AFTER I read the reviews. Our room is fine and all, but the location & lil things around the place make it shifty. There's a huge abandoned building that you pass to get to the hotel too so I'm sure that does nothing to make me feel better. Anyway, road trip is still going well despite our lil overnight pit stop. Rrrroooaaaadddd Ttrrriiiippp! Later y'all.

Oh yeah, we had a ball at the Children's Museum earlier. We'll definitely return again anther day.

Look! Train!!!