Toddler Interlude: Halloween

Dad decided that I would be a boxer for Halloween. That is today. He did not consult with me as much as he probably should have. Why? Well, here ya go ...

He put my new boots on. They are too big and I was not even about to walk around in those things. Dad said the boots are not too big, but I said they are. Mom just looked at us.

He put tape on my hand. That was too tight. I wanted it off. Dad said boxers wear tape on their hands, but I didn't want it on mine. He got his boxing gloves for me. Mom just looked at us.

Dad made a championship belt for me. I like it. There are Angry Birds on the inside. {Cardboard needed a little reinforcement so dad used the Angry Bird tape.

Oh did I mention, I have on 3 layers on bottom? How am I going to got to the potty all by myself? When I went this morning, I forgot to pull up the shorts under my pants. That didn't feel good.

Well, I made it to school. Mom had to help me down the stairs cause I can't really carry the boxing gloves down stairs.

Here's what I should look like for our school Halloween Parade:

And yesterday, Granny Gran carved my pumpkins. Look:

Happy Halloween everybody!

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