My Experience at Victoria's Secret

Good Day my friends,

Yesterday, I took something back to Victoria's Secret to exchange it for my wife. Before I get into the story, remember who this is writing this...

Before I even get into this story, let me say that I am very confident in myself and my manhood.  I have never been the guy to shy away from doing things that would otherwise shame others.  So walking through the middle of Briarwood Mall, carrying a "dainty" pink Victoria's Secret bag had no effect on me.

So I walk into the store, with all bravado and confidence in the world.  I walk right up to the counter (there was no line at the time), place the bag in front of the lady working and hand her the receipt and look her in the eyes and, confidently, say "I would like to exchange this bra for a different size for my wife."

She took the receipt and said "ok".  She then proceeded to take the bra out and asked what I would like to exchange it for.

I, still smelling myself, tell her the color (yeah, I know my colors), style and explain that I do not know where this particular bra is kept, but if she would be so kind as to point me in the right direction, I will go get the replacement myself.  I was THE MAN!

The exchange quickly took a 180 within the next few moments:

Clerk: Oh, it's ok - they're right behind you, but I can have another associate bring it up here for you.

Me: Great. Thank you.

Clerk: Now, what size do you need?

Me: (Checking my iphone to make sure I gave her the correct size) XXXX (I'm not gonna put my wife's business out there)

Clerk: Oh, I'm sorry, this style doesn't come in that size.  Would you like the sister size XXX?

Me: (losing my bravado & confidence in one fell swoop) - huh?

Clerk: The sister size - It fits the same, it's just a different number.

Me: Um, sure.  If, um, if that one, um, that didn't work, could it be exchanged or some-something?

Clerk: Oh, sure.  Tell her that if it doesn't work after trying it on, just to bring it back and we work to get the right one for her.

Me: Um, ok, I'll let her know.

Now by this time more people have started to line up and they were calling associates to help ring the others out.  I HATE being the reason for the hold up, because I just feel like everyone is looking at you smackin' their lips, wondering what in the world is your problem.

Needless to say, I was very relieved with the new bra was brought up and the exchange was completed.  The clerk was even nice enough give me a new bag and wish me a great day.  All my Bravado came right back, like there was never any problem:

Me: Hey! You have a Great day too!

As I walked back out the mall, carrying my new "dainty"pink Victoria's Secret bag.  As soon as I got home, I had to share this experience with my wife.  You know what she said?!

Wifey: Ohhh, I knew there was something I meant to tell you...

WHAAATTT?! Even if you don't know the exact numbers, you could have alluded to the fact that I might hear something about a "sister size".  I'm trying to do you a favor, and you're gonna let me walk into a fire fight blind?!  I just got ambushed by the Vicki Secret Angels, and all you can say is "I knew there was something I meant to tell you"...

I'm a guy.  I deal in logic (most time).  I know that a 5/16's & 11/32's are close but they are not the same. Two different numbers are two different sizes, period.  I was not ready for that curve ball...

So fella's, next time you decide to go into a store for women, remember, be prepared for anything!

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