Why you should probably NOT be a stripper!

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Yesterday, as I was perusing twitter, I noticed my wife was tweeting about one of the "Judge Shows" that my dad likes to watch during the day, while they were visiting.  I didn't watch the show, but from her tweets, I gathered that the case was about some girl, lady who got pulled over for DUI.  She didn't want to tell her parents to know what had happened so she started stripping to pay the fines and everything.  I'm not gonna lie, I've heard of people stripping to pay for things and then get caught up in all the money and lifestyle and forget their original purpose for stripping.  But apparently the girl still couldn't manage to pay her rent with the money that was coming in from stripping.  My initial reaction - She wasn't that good.

The following {short} list was compiled based off the conversation that me and wifey had regarding this issue & was posted on my twitter account (BiggDaddyMoore) with the hashtag #StopStripping

Commonsense thoughts on why you should NOT be a stripper #StopStripping

You can't dance... #StopStripping
You like "Granny" panties... #StopStripping
You have to sit down to take your pants/skirt off... #StopStripping
You have "short" arms... #StopStripping
You're allergic to glitter... #StopStripping
You don't EVER shave your underarms...#StopStripping
You have bad feet (i.e. you can't wear heels)... #StopStripping

This is only a short list and currently applies to only females.  As I was explaining to my wife.  I can't really speak for male strippers as I can only comment on what I, personally, don't want to see...  If you have more, feel free to post it on here or twitter with the hashtag #StopStripping to me or @TableTalkN

Holla atcha!

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