Challenge 5: 30 Day Insanity Prelude

Alright y'all I decided to prepare for Insanity. Heard of it? If not, what rock have you been living under?

So here's my background. I'm always about the next easiest way to have fun exercising. I heard about Insanity and immediately wanted it and someone was GREAT enough to send it right on to me. Sweet!! Anyway, here's what happened.

3 months after the arrival of lil man, I was all set to begin my Insanity journey ... or so I thought! The 1st day, I didn't make it all the way through just to find that I was doing the wrong day's workout. I did the workout for Day 1 of Week 2 ... blah! So I started over. The next morning, I got up and did the right workout. Yeah, I made it through the workout only to realize that it was JUST the warm-up. DUDE! Seriously?! I wasn't excited at all cause I BARELY made it through the doggone warm-up. I wanted to punch Shawn T and his backup exercisers in the face for that foolishness!! So yeah, I less than barely made it through that Day 1 Workout. Geez! So anyway, I tortured myself like this for about a week I believe. Then, one day as I was headed upstairs for something, my leg totally gave out on me. The good news was I was holding on to the rails so no actual fall happened. The bad news was that that was the 1st of 3 times in one day. I decided I'd better chill on the Insanity workouts until my body was ready again. Can't be falling carrying lil man - he got goons. Heh heh heh!

Well, fast forward to today (a good 2+ years later). I've gone back & forth with plans to start up Insanity once again, but I keep punking out. Yeah, I just can't talk myself into getting back on it. However, I need to do something so here's what I'm gone do. I found out about a 30 Day Intro to Insanity Blueprint (from here) and received it in my email so I can prepare for my Insanity journey. I am looking forward to it while covering my eyes and peeking through my fingers. [Y'all know how we do when we don't, but do wanna see that scary or disgusting part of a movie.] My 1st huddle may be easier than it would have been before though. I shall take my before pics and not be ashamed of them. Yeah ...

I'm going to try to do this about once every other week so I can see my progress cause that may be the only way to jump-start this thing for me. I hate looking at terrible pics of folks especially of myself. I should prolly go buy new workout clothing articles - mine are old and the wrong size so they provide very little support. I think I'm good with shoes though & there's plenty of water bottles around the house. Well, here's to being Insane!!!

Keep in mind that I still gave the Mr. permission to place his own workout challenges on the whiteboard for me. This will be an interesting 30 days! He's way too excited too so y'all pray for me & send all the good luck vibes ya can my way. Also, remember to check on me so I don't punch Mr. in the face. Heh heh heh!!!

Get yo workout on folks ...

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