Eggs: Whites vs Yolks

So this week, I've darn near cooked an entire dozen of eggs. It usually takes us closer to two weeks (sometimes more), but the lil man has been on an egg binge this week. It's cool cause he rarely eats protein so I'm all about getting that in his system when he wants it. Anyway, this week, lil man also decided he only likes the white part. He used to eat the whole thing ... just 1. Now he only eats the white part and wants 2. Uuuhhh sir, you are WASTING my eggs & I don't like it at all. Here's the other thing: I prefer only the yolk - I loathe the whites. YUCK! It's so bad, that I've never even tasted Deviled Eggs - most people are appalled by this fact, but y'all can go on with that. I do know how to make them because they were at all of our BBQs, but I'm good on that.
[Sidebar: I just began eating egg white when I got pregnant or maybe right after lil man was born. All those doggone books and websites said it's good for the baby. Plus, I didn't want to go through the whole "do as I say, not as I do" with eggs - that's silly. Also, I figured I looked silly being a grown woman and only eating the yolk. So I bit the bullet and began eating the entire egg. Still disgusted the the whites, I eat for health & grown-ness sake. End Sidebar]
Ultimately, it's cool that he only eats the whites & a problem that was solved when I was a little girl. How? Well, my sister only liked the whites when we were little so we'd share our eggs. I'd give her my whites and she'd pass me her yolks. Sssooo I now share eggs with lil man whenever he desires them. It's kind of reminiscent of my childhood.

Oh, and you health nuts with your "eggs yolks are bad" mantra just shoo on along. There will be no wasting if we can help it. Plus, we don't eat enough eggs for it to really matter. Knowing lil man, he won't want to even see an egg for another 2 weeks or so.

Whelp, that's my rant for today ...

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