Is your Heart in it?

Good day Peeps,
   Today I pose the question: Is your heart in it?

Have you ever been so hyped up to do something, that you had trouble sleeping at night?  Has an idea ever popped in your head and you couldn't wait to get started?  What about learning about/created a new way to do some work and were excited at the possibilities? Then for whatever reason, let's just say "life got in the way" your thought, idea, dream fizzled...

The point I'm trying to make is, when your heart is in "it" - whatever "it" may be, you put your passion, energy and time into that one thing and "it" captures the majority of your time.  You dream about "it" when you're sleep. You pursue "it" when you're awake. "It" can take you to the point of frustration if you aren't careful and begin to idolize "it". This is a very common scenario with many people.

If you don't believe me, look at the many examples where people are't as passionate about something they once were.  i.e. Marriages.  The rate of divorce in America in 2013 hit 50%.  Couples, who once shared the passion they have for each other, one or both parties, determined that they didn't want to be in the marriage anymore.  How many "passing" dreams have escaped people because they no longer want to put the necessary energy or focus into making their dream a reality.

Even me, yes ESPECIALLY me, have had the problem of dealing with the lost of ones passion for things that I once considered vital to my legacy.  Now, I have been fortunate, no, blessed enough to not have this take place with things that I would consider inexcusable; My family (especially my wife and son) but I find that I can easily become "short-sighted" and not look at the big picture or even fail to dream of what I can be, should be, want to be doing.

The funny thing is, I'm an insomniac.  I don't really sleep, or at least I didn't used to.  But as I finally creep up to getting 6 hours of sleep (that is a TON better than what I used to get), I find myself with less energy to do I really want to do... write.  It took me forever in a day to finish the 1st series of my comic.  {More on that to come}  I have, what I consider, to be a great novel idea.  Have I started writing it, no, just the basics.  My main point is, I spend more time on more trivial, less significant things (watching T.V., playing xbox, etc) instead of writing when I have the chance.  My heart isn't in to it right now.

I'm the type that I don't want to turn out any ol thing.  If I'm going to do something, I want to make sure it's top notch & high quality. I feel the worse thing I can do is to give anything I do, a halfhearted effort.  So until I feel that I can give something my all, I hold back and I keep things to myself.  I plan and dream to dream, hoping one day that I'll have the energy, the focus, and the heart to do "it"...

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