Are dinosaurs really strong?

Greetings peoples!

As I drove in today, I had the pleasure of driving my son to preschool today.  It's always an adventure when I get to take the boy with me, where ever I go.  Now I try to be the good, responsible father to him, but I also try to be the fun dad too.  And yes, I am still weird {and corny} so that makes for a very interesting conversation.  I've also learned that all little kids, especially mine is a little sponge that absorbs EVERYTHING that goes on and is said.

The funniest thing is that he doesn't need anyone to "co-sign" on his humor.  He cracks his own self up, and that, in turn, cracks us up.  This kid will come into the family room where me and Lady Wife are sitting, and say, "Mommy, Daddy, look!" and then proceed to jump "reeeaaaalllyyy high" and then fall on his bottom and start laughing sooooooo hard.  You can't help but to laugh at his silly-behind.

Today he asked me a very thought-provoking question: "Daddy, are dinosaurs really strong?"  Now he's also into the "why" stage of his life and if not careful, he can go on and on and on...  {It's gotten to the point where sometimes I tell him he has a 5 "why" maximum at a time.}  But back to the question.  So here's a snapshot of our conversation as we drove in:

The Boy: Daddy, are dinosaurs really strong?
Me: Yes, they are.
The Boy: Are you strong?
Me: I would like to think so.
The Boy: Is mommy strong?
Me: Yes, she is.
The Boy: Why are you strong?
Me: Well, there's all kinds of "strong"...
The Boy: Like sometimes, I have a lot in my backpack, and I carry it all by myself, that makes me strong, right?
Me: Yes. Yes it does.
The Boy: Daddy?
Me: Yes Jairus.
The Boy: Where do dinosaurs sit?
Me: Any where they want to... Why?
The Boy: Why are they strong?
Me: Because they have this thing called leverage
The Boy: Why do they have "leverage"?
Me: Well, they have it because they can use their weight and height to pick up and move anything they want.
The Boy: Well, then, they can help me clean up my toys tonight...
Me: -_-

The boy just laughs...

Like I said, this is a snapshot of our conversation, but whenever I talk to him, he always finds a way to part "his knowledge" on me...  One of these days I'm going to record our drive in...