2013 POA: Creating Something

At the beginning of each new year (or the end of the old year), most people commence to making resolutions and attempting to commit to all of these random “I’m going to change” ideas. Were you one of them? We were not. We don’t do resolutions because it’s a rarity that they’re kept. Instead we attempt change at all times of the year whenever the mood strikes us. However, we’re very easily distracted by new ideas and therefore usually end up STILL putting things off until some random time in the future. This blog is a perfect example of that!

We planned this blog to debut on our 3rd Anniversary back in September and had a 40 Day Challenge all lined up to start. Well, we DID begin the 40 Day Challenge. We did NOT get the blog up & running NOR did we complete all of the challenges. We did get our TableTalkN twitter musings going though. So we decided we’re going to get it together and get the site done for Christmas - Nope. Well then New Year’s Day - Nope. HA! We suck. Not really, but we just couldn’t make up our minds. We finally did it though so here we are.

Today, (on our Dating Anniversary) we begin this public journey of love betterment (that’s what we’re calling it). While we’re still hashing some things out (because one of us is a perfectionist and we’re both BIG dreamers), we promise to just keep it real as we keep moving along. The things we’re hashing out are usually minor, decorative issues but they can quickly become major evolvings of Table TalkN. Once the site is up & flowing, there is no limit to what we look to delve into (podcasts, radio, events, etc.). No worries though, we’re committed to this and you are welcome to call us out if we begin to slack.

Before I go on … Check out the About TableTalkN pages to the side over there. Thanks.

Now to this 2013 Plan of Action:

We have a LOT of plans and look forward to seeing them all come to fruition, BUT that’s within the ultimate plan. This year, we’re taking mostly baby steps with a few frog jumps here & there. The plan just consists of what we plan to focus on each day & those few frog jumps by the month we plan to jump. The Daily Foci will begin next week as this week we’re freestyling it.

Daily Foci -
Sundays: FREE DAY
Mondays: Jesus N Fam
Tuesdays: Work N
Wednesdays: U.R.S. N Relationships
Thursdays: GetN Fit
Fridays: Family N Life
Saturdays: ReviewN
[Our Daily Foci are just subjects that we will focus our posts around for that day. It is not necessarily the subject of the post though. For instance on Tuesdays, we will be posting about working, but not your work day normals. We’ll spotlight some entrepreneurs, discuss working relationships, have a few funny work day stories, and sometimes just provide some work day distractions.]

Frog Jumps -
March: TableTalkN Website Launch
June: Graduate RoundUp
September: Anniversary Love Challenges
December: Holiday Projects

There may be more than what’s planned, but I’d hate to lead you on so let’s just deal with what we KNOW to be truth.

Keep in mind that the site will evolve as we evolve so don’t be all up in airs if some post sounds contradictory to a previous post. You never know what the day will bring so we choose not to stay locked in some silly box. Just keep your boxes to yourself please & thank you. You could always recycle them too :)