Going Homemade

So I’ve always been a bit different from my peers and it’s only gotten worse as I’ve gotten older and even less accommodating. I say all that to say that because I know Homemade is so far from what my peers are into these days. In this microwave society in which we want everything done right now, ain’t nobody tryna make anything homemade. Meals are fast, unhealthy, and usually more than what we need. We try to make up for it by going on fad diets, doing extreme exercise programs, etc. Well no more around this household.

I’ve always been big on home cooked meals because it’s just something about it that is healing for me. From the cooking of the meal to the sitting down as a family and enjoying it, it just places me in a calm zone. However, while I may feel that way, I have certainly slacked & wavered over time. Getting married, having a kid, and then going back to work … they’ve all played a role in my wavering back & forth. They’ve all been my excuse for not being ale to do it or having time to do it. However, I’ve got to get it together especially since it’s frustrating when we eat out and it’s the same ol same ol – usually not even what I want. We’re just spending our hard earned money on this unhealthy stuff that’s ultimately shaving off minutes of our wonderful lives. So it’s time to get back to it and stick to it.

With all that being said, we’ll use this blog as our way of being even more accountable for our meals. It’s not going to stop here though. We’re big dreamers so we make big plans. I’d like for us to Go Homemade with just about everything around our house. I’d like to ingrain a system into our household in which we know that we’re eating healthy, saving money, and eventually debt free for the long haul [we'll do a Debt Free in 5 post soon].

Here’s my current checklist of getting to this point.
  • Make 5 dinner meals a week preplanned on Saturdays and prepped on Sundays
    •  Bean Soaking Saturdays 
    • Randazzle Sundays 
    • Make a meal planning template – include section for shopping list
    • Schedule it on the calendar

  • Make 5 breakfast meals a week preplanned on Saturdays and prepped on Sundays
    •  Bake everything on Sundays
  • Make Homemade Bread once a week 

  • Complete a Debt Analysis to prepare for Debt Free in 5 
    • Record all debt with monthly payments, fees, etc. 
    • Record all income 

  • Create a budget leading to our Debt Free in 5 
    • 1 Goal is to be able to tithe our full 10% 
    •  1 Goal is to be able to save 10% 
    •  1 Goal is to be able to save Jairus 5%

Once we’ve really completed & mastered these goals of the kitchen and our finances, I’d love for us to move on into other parts of our lives. I want all kinds of homemade products around the house in nice little labeled containers. I’ve got plenty of recipes collected for this purpose too so I'm definitely looking forward to this journey, and I just hope I can stay motivated and encouraged through my mess-ups. Again, if you’re so inclined, feel free to check-in when I don’t post about it. I plan to have at least 1 post a week about my journey. I’ll update my Going Homemade list as I’m able to complete the items above. We ask that our Christian friends lift us up in prayer as we believe this journey will glorify God. And we ask the rest of you to please wish us much luck on this journey - luck doesn’t hurt.

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