NCAA Tourney

What up

Today marks the first day of spring and the 1st day of the "Big Dance".  If you're a sports fan or work with sports fans, you have probably heard about this... (I know my wife is sick of me already).  I have 5 brackets filled out, just so, in some scenario, I can say that I was right.  But let's be honest, it's a crap shoot, and I hardly get my picks right.  I usually end up balling up my brackets by the end of the first weekend.

I've made some pretty wild picks though, and I feel very confident that I'll do better than the average person... I think.  The real fun comes when it comes to talking junk, or as my dad would call it,  "Selling woof tickets", I know, right - Old School, but whatever.  I may have the worst picks EVA in the history of the NCAA tournament, but you would never know it, listening to me talk.  My job during this day, is to convince whoever is against me that they've already lost and they need not bother even filling out the brackets - The good news is, they're just a bad, or at least some of them.  It's the quiet ones, that get you in the end.  They're the ones with the near perfect brackets and they don't even like to watch sports.  They just picked because they had some spare time...

But it's all good - The time has come and tip off is in a few minutes... Here's my brackets (or at least one of them) how do yours compare?

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