Noah - The Movie

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Table TalkN Review Board coming atcha! Today, we're going to take a look at the movie Noah.
This movie had so many opportunities to tell the story of how God cleansed the earth via rain and gave man another shot at this whole Humanity thing.  I'm not going to lie, it missed the boat - No pun intended...
As anyone knows me, I am a Christian first, and a movie goer down the line.  But I enjoy good cinematic expression on a regular.  So when this movie was being produced, there was a lot of controversy and even a move that forced the studio to put a disclaimer on the movie.  Which was a good move, if you ask me. It {should of} helped movie viewers to have a better expectation of what they were paying their money to see.  I completely understand that the role of the studio is to make money when producing films. Anyone who claims differently is either not telling the truth or unaware.
Noah, to me, was a cross between Lord of the Rings & Gladiator.  I enjoyed some aspects of the movie. The special effects were definitely on point with movies made in the last few years.  Nothing less than what I would imagine.  There were even some expressions of creative adaptation that I could get on board with.  There are others that caused me to chuckle.  I would like to have seen a more in depth explanation of certain facets of the movie.  There were some slow points - but let's be honest, this story is based on a historical fact that was over 120 years in the making.
I also believe that this movie did do some good to the spread of Christianity, even though I don't believe that was the original intent (at least from what I have heard/read from random media outlets).  The one "controversy" in particular that I read was that the director of the film was an Atheist (a person who denies or disbelieves the existence of supreme being or beings).  But he still created a movie that is based off a story that he had to research - Christianity 1, Atheist - 0.  The story also opened up more room for dialogue between Christians regarding the story of Noah, and even caused some of them (present company included) to go back into the Word and read the story again.
Main point - Would I say that I was glad to see this film? Yes.  Will it be added to my DVD collection? Probably not.  I feel as if it was a good movie and I appreciate someone telling the story, even if there were certain "creative liberties" that kinda stretched what kids all over in Sunday School are learning about in the bible.  I can appreciate this film.  But like I always say about a movie based off of a book especially a historical fact/true story - The book is ALWAYS better!
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