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If you haven't been keeping up, this post is a follow-up (of sorts) to my 30 Years in Review post.

This challenge has been real interesting and boring all in the same. I realize that I do enjoy wearing my skirts & dresses, but they’re limiting. With all that I have, you’d think it’d be a daily reward to change it up. However, all of them aren’t made for everyday wearing. I don’t even have shoes that match some. I don’t have the jewelry to complement others. It’s pretty crazy what I go through to put together an outfit.

Well, because of the challenge, I had to just get over it sometimes. Some days I left the house feeling like blah cause my shoes didn’t match my dress nor did my accessories, but the day never ended that way. Somebody always seemed to compliment me on those days. From a simple, “I like that dress/skirt/color” to my husband and his elaborate “Love, you are beautiful today”, I always came home feeling better than I left about my outfit.

Thank you to those who didn’t even realize that they were a sparkle in my day on those days. Your compliments definitely helped me through this slight struggle of 30 Days for the Dresses & Skirts. On to the next …

Coming up: 30 Days of Photo Ops (or something like that) :)

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