Photo Op Challenge

So today begins my Photo Op Challenge and I’m not exactly excited about it … but then again, very few things excite me. Anyway, as I was looking up photo challenges NOT associated with instagram, Facebook, or pinterest as I have no instagram or pinterest and I use Facebook only every red moon. While “doing my research” [browsing], I came across a couple sites that inspired this challenge of mine. I first came upon a self-portrait challenge & giveaway which led to another self-portrait challenge and then to this Currently post. I just adore that post for some reason & it will force a post for each day - you think y'all would like that? I, of course, have to ensure it's challenging enough and keeps with the spirit of self-reflection and exhibiting Love. So here goes the challenge:

Each day, I must take 1 photo of myself, 1 with/of my loves, and 1 random. For each combination of pics, I must sit down and write blurbs about the day. These blurbs are liken unto the Currently post, but past tense since I really probably write them at the end of the day.

Today I ...
Obsessed over:
Worked on:
Thought about:
Listened to:
Wished that:
Loved that:
Prayed for:

I will most likely adjust the meaning behind those from time to time, but y’all know how I am. After writing this post, I am kinda interested in what will be revealed through this photo journaling experience. So maybe I should call it a Photo Journaling Challenge. Whatevs …

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