Jairus Interlude - I'm 2

SO we know y’all love hearing from and about lil man. He’s a mess & a half, but we love that kid to pieces. Here’s a lil interlude for ya.

Lil Man
I don’t want mom close to me.
*Mom proceeds to pester him by standing close to him and blocking him from dad. This goes on for a minute or so. Whining ensues, but it is what it is.*

Jairus, mom and I are a team. She is my rib so when you’re mean to mom, you’re being mean to dad. You don’t want to be mean to dad do you?
Lil Man
No dad.
Well, don’t be mean to mom. Mom and I are a team. You can’t be mean to her and then try to ask me for something. We don't work like that. We’re one.
Lil Man
I’m 2. 

I imagined him dropping the mic & not even walking away. In actuality, he said that and kept it moving as though that was the end of the conversation. And it was too! Dad and mom were attempting not to laugh while being in shock that that was what he took from the discussion. Also, for those who don’t know lil man, he knows that 2 comes after 1 and that 2 is more.

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