What's the point?

Good evening all,
I've recently experienced something that kinda threw me for a loop.  I was actually rejected.  Now I don't say that egotistically (even though that is exactly how it sounds) but I say that reflectively.  To start, let me introduce a little "background" into the subject.  I was a part of a small section where we all shared one major thing in common. It started off great and continued on for a minute.  But then as time moved on, we all had a differing of opinion on a number of things. 
Now it's okay to disagree on something, that's what helps relationships to grow.  The problem was that not enough people, self included, were real enough to tell their complete feelings when the opportunity presented itself.  And when (and if) someone did want to "share their thoughts" on a subject, it may have come at a different moment.  Needless to say, feelings were hurt, people were upset, and the overall atmosphere of the group became "fake" when certain individuals were around.
Fast forward to today.  An opportunity has come up where we could all hang out together for a little bit, but I, personally, didn't feel moved to attend.  I stated that I would not be in attendance, in a very diplomatic way, and kept it moving.  I did recognize that this could play out in a number of different ways: good, bad, indifferent.  The group chose to meet without me, which is fine and what I would have chosen to do too.  But they are considering getting a replacement for me.  So at this point, I can choose to (a) confront the group (b) have hurt feelings, (c) keep it moving. 
Anyone that knows me is quite well aware that I am picking C without a doubt.  Anyone else, might actually be "concerned" with what others think and do, but as for me - I'm choosing to look more on my family; starting with my lovely & wonderful wife and beautiful baby boy (even though he's not so much a baby now) and moving to other family, extended and such.  I've been around to know that there is truly a season and a reason for every period in your life, and God doesn't just allow for those to be only happy good times.
There's also a bigger picture; something more that can be learned and applied.  Not only to this particular instance, but for future instances as well.  Am I bothered by the whole thing? I'd be lying if I said that my initial reaction was a little bit of "gruffness".  But that definitely didn't last long.  But I thought I would share it because you can always learn from your past and, if nothing else, consider this a learning point in your career called life.
There is always purpose.
Good night to you & you & you...

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