Challenge 4: Love Notes Failure

I failed something awful on these love notes. It's like I just couldn't find the time nor the words to say. Is writing a love note really that hard? Apparently it is for me. I only got 8 of these done. So sad since I started off great with 5. Yeah, so I only wrote 3 more. I suck big time, but I'm gonna take this one with me on through the next challenge.

So why did I fail this challenge? Honestly, I have very little motivation to do it. People keep pissing me off and showing just how selfish and self absorbed they can be to each other. It's sickening to watch and more painful to be apart of such an atmosphere. Y'all: What happened to treating people as you want to be treated and really being for real about that? I'm seriously at a lost for words for how far off the mark people are with this thing. I don't have the filters to address it with folks who aren't really listening to me either; I hate wasting my words on deaf ears. Know that the way I treat you is the way I wish to be treated by you.

If I opened up to you and then started closing up shop, you have done something to prove I can't be open with you. I'd say fix it, but usually by the time you notice, I'm more than halfway out the door. I probably now want you to just let me go. However, please don't be rude about it. While that may make it easier for me to keep on moving, it also puts a nasty taste in my spirit concerning you. That ain't right. I like to separate on amicable terms in which we still cool and can be cordial without my innards recoiling at your presence.

On the other hand, it also depends on how we met. I'm leery of some most folk when I first meet them so I usually keep to myself and don't say much. Give me time. There are several folk who I literally had an immediate negative visceral response to who I have no problem with today. It's just my nature and I'm working on that, but I'm honest about it. They knew that I wanted nothing to do with them and would go the opposite direction. Now, we're cool and I've found that I enjoy their conversation and company.

So yeah, back to these love letters. I'm gone get over the immense selfishness of others. I could say I'm just gone be selfish myself, but I can't. I've got to get these love letters written. So if you see me or think of me, give me a nudge and ask about these doggone love letters ... on to the next challenge.

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