Time to reflect

Good day my friends.

Today, (or whenever I post this), I want to clear my head. That's what a blog, at least this one, it's for.  As I sit in this hotel lobby waiting for my wife to get done with her meeting, here in sunny California,  I'm reflecting  and thinking about things that this trip has brought to my attention.

1. I'm so lucky and blessed to have this life that I do.  People have been "clowning" all week about us traveling so much.  We did just get back from a week's vacation for our anniversary (#roadtrip). But me and the Mrs do not travel without each other (wherever possible).  So when I have to go to Frankenmuth,  MI for work,  my family is coming with me.  When my wife has to go to California for a one day conference... Normally we would bring the little guy, but a quick turnaround,  2 11 hour travel days and a 2 year old do not mix.

2. My wife is sexy as hell!  We were going down for breakfast this morning and as I was walking behind her, I saw that figure 8 frame that, if you're not careful, she'll hide it on you.  She is a classic introvert. Not "shy" mind you, she just doesn't need the attention of others,  as a result, she dresses accordingly. Lucky for me she had a business thing that requires more than comfy clothes. And the clothes she chose to wear were a "nice fit" ;-D.

3. I need to get back to my devotional time, definitely back in my word. I had time this morning to read, pray and comprehend what I studied. It was more than a quick prayer in the shower before heading out to work.  (Stop judging me, it's more than some do).  But my day has went well, and even if it hasn't, I have a peace within me that helps me deal.

4. These times are crazy. As I mentioned, I'm here in the lobby of the hotel and the news is on & of course they were covering the shooting.  People shooting and killing others at a Navy yard?! Killing! Over what? What issue is so bad, so traumatic that you would do an act of terror? Yes I'm calling it an act of terror, because people are scared.  Why do others feel the need to destroy and take life when they themselves are the ones suffering?  The main point of my Bible study today is "faith".  Sometimes we have to just stop and think about what keeps us from being the ones that suffer?  We have to have faith that we will be protected, and when it is our time, we will be taken care of in the end.  Wrapping this whole post together,  I've been blessed and I, personally, have to have faith that God will continue to bless and give me strength as I deal with life and all that it entails.

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