Morning Blessing

You ever just wake up like "blah" & just go about your day all just "whatever"? Well, that was me this morning. THEN these ridiculous drivers kept being in my vicinity just ruining my whole "blah" vibe almost turning it to a "What The Foolishness" kind of day. I decided I need to go back to sleep and try this day again ...
Well, not 5 minutes after posting that tweet, I received a text that just touched my Spirit immensely and was like a jolt of energy. That text simply said:
Rejoice in the Lord always: and again I say, Rejoice. -Philippians 4:4
My response was:
I needed that cuz!
And the follow-up response was:
Aww... GOD knew! He sees yall.
He definitely does and He knew I needed a simple reminder of what He placed me down here to do and be. Even more, right after ending that conversation, my radio played Let The Word Do The Work [Donald Lawrence] followed by He Knows [Karen Clark-Sheard]. Y'all, I had no choice but to shout cause my GOD knows me - lil ol' me.

Y'all I'm not the MOST spiritual person out here, but sometime the Lord even speaks to a delinquent soul as mine. You ever been moved by such a simple conversation? Seriously, I pray she reads this and knows just how much her simple text blessed my Spirit today before the Devil took ahold of me and tried to ruin my day.

So to end this post, know that I love & appreciate y'all. Be blessed folks!

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