Journey Journal

So as promised ... here are my thoughts surrounding my new Journey Journal concept. It's not new - I just Googled it and landed quite a few blogs about it - but it's a new concept to me. I didn't exactly know what I meant until I typed them out. I do that a LOT and I just happened to actually admit it this time. Anyway ... Journey Journal

My Thoughts

I We go through a lot of journeys throughout our lives. Most of the time we are referring to traveling such as road trips, vacations, and excursions. We also hear folks talk about their spiritual journeys to wherever they have decided to lay their faith. Then there are still others who talk about their physical journeys through health crisis and life changing ailments. And still others who speak on their healthy eating and living journeys. Lots of lots of journeys here. So I've decided to pick various facets of my journeys to be highlighted for my Journey Journal. I've even thought of some of them already - how on point (for the moment) am I?

Some of my current Journey Journal facets (more like topics eh?):
  • Reaching JDM3: Raising An Engineer, Raising A Gentleman, This Kid
  • JAM-N-Marriage: DateHour, "Free" Dates, Antics of the Best Husband Ever, Lady Wife Joys
  • Moore Travels
  • Struggle Bus Stops
  • Health Check-ins: Yoga, Bike, Insanity, etc
  • Foodie Observer
While these are the only ones so far, know that I'll most definitely add as I get more accustomed to this thing.

Well, let's go.

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