Spring Bike Riding With A Purpose

Hey folks! I know I've been yapping quite a bit, but that's what the blog is for, right? Anyway, I'm not sure I've shared this on here or not yet, but I wanted to post about it after I posted about my Yoga Core Strengthening yesterday.

Soooo I decided I want to get into biking seriously. Lofty, but I am so serious. I'd love to be able to actually bike through town on a nice sunny day instead of gassing up the car some times. Now, we generally get out and bike ride several times a year. However, it's usually just to go over into the next neighborhood for the park. Not necessarily a short ride, but not as far as I want to be able to go. I think it's only half a mile or so. I want to get up to 20 miles or so.

I'm looking for one of those couch to bike type deals. Haven't found one just yet, but my goal is to find some kind of program by the time the weather pans to a consistent warmth here. It's getting there. So I figure I need a plan for those days where I can get a quick something in AND I need an ultimate goal. So my quick something is to ride around our area to get reacquainted with my bike because it was loaded down with an extra passenger since day 1.
*Flashback* We bought bikes to use for exercise. We decided to ride up to the library one day. It was just right around the corner from our house ... or so we thought. You know how things seem a LOT closer in the car. Yeah. Well, the library was actually about 3 miles or so from our house. These were new bikes and we hadn't rode bikes in years. AND I was about 3 months pregnant. Wasn't the best idea, but we made it there & back home. The ride home was easier (downhill), but still took a LONG time cause I was pregnant (needed lots of water & breaks from that uncomfortable seat). Did I mention I was pregnant? Well, apparently that was not okay for me to do based on the Grands opinions of what a pregnant lady should be doing. I got fussed at by several of them for it, but it's a good laugh to hear us tell about that doggone journey. *End Flashback*
So yeah ... fast forward to every ride since then. We got a bike seat for me to ride lil man around in. Great times! We'd talk and watch for all kinds of things as we rode along to the park or wherever it was we were going. Lil man slowed me down though and I'm pretty sure my bike has a permanent lean from that doggone bike seat. It's cool though - I wouldn't trade it for the world. That time with my extra person was priceless, but I'm looking forward to making my bike just for me.

We got lil man his own bike for Christmas so we're all set for those family bike rides using our own separate bikes. AND we're only about 2 miles from the library now. Not sure lil man can make it that far, but I'm sure he'll be ready before too long cause he's a pretty ambitious lil man.

My goals for biking are as follows (remember these begin once it's warmer to me):
I commit to riding at least 3 times a week so I can get more acquainted with my bike. I commit to learning the signals for street riding for safety. I commit to just keep trying. I would like to be able to ride up to the library and back with no breaks by the end of this summer. My ultimate goal is to ride up to 25 miles.

Any of you ever done one of those bike races or marathons? I'm not sure I want to do one, but it'd be nice knowing I could at least finish it if I ever did. Also, any biking tips & tricks?

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