Purposeful Social Media

What do you use your social media accounts for? Just to socialize online? To express your creativity, political ambitions, etc? What? Do you use them at all?

Well, I'm one of those "who the heck knows?" kind of social media personalities. HA! I guess I'm that way for real now that I think of it. Eh, well. I'm about to change the social media personality because otherwise I should probably just disable all of my accounts. Seriously, they tell you very little about me. I generally like that, but I recently decided I'd like to share certain facets of myself with the people. I've been sharing through blogs for years now, but I very rarely provide visuals. I'd like to do better with that and be more purposeful at the same time.

How do I do that? No idea. Y'all know how many picture & video challenges I've done. None of them made it to the light of day. Shame on me. So beginning this weekend (today as a matter of fact), I will post with a purpose on my IG.

Our family train trip will be the highlight of the beginning of my journey to socializing with a purpose. I'm deeming it my Journey Journal. I'll start with IG and branch out from there. I do fairly well with twitter, but my FB sucks! I'm gonna do better. So here's another goal for me.

IG: I commit to post at least 3 times a week. I commit to post purposefully through the eyes of my Journeys (whatever they might be). Through the use of my IG, I plan to be more active on FB by the end of the summer. My ultimate goal is just to continue to build this TableTalkN crew as we get big things coming across the Table.

I guess my next post will be to explain this Journey Journal of mine. SMH! I'm so backwards. I probably should have done that first, but hey ... it is what it is.

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