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Greetings & Salutations,

Today I come to you in a "funk".  We've been at this "blogging" thing for quite some time now.  We (me and my lady wife) actually started out with separate blogs, and then we combined them as we expanded our family and added the boy - By the way, this is actually what I call them when we are just kickin it around the house or I'm telling stories about their latest adventures.  Now we are taking this blogging to a new level.  A more "focused" & defined level.  While the purpose of this blog is to cover topics that we, everyone, would talk about at the dinner table, over coffee/tea, at the water cooler, it still needs to have a purpose.

A few weeks ago, lady wife discussed how she was looking at the different "journey's" that she goes through: As a mother, a wife, person, etc.  It actually inspired me.  {She does this quite often, though I don't share that fact with her enough.}  I want to make sense.  I want to have a point.  Even if my point is "no point" I would like to have people have a sense of what they're getting when they read something I wrote.  I'm not so conceited that I would imagine that everything I put down was gold (I am conceited though...) but I would like for others to read my works and at least consider it.

With this thought in my mind, I wanted to focus on "entertainment", movies in particular.  But it has come to my attention that I don't see as many movies on opening weekend, as I would like to, especially to stay current.  You see, once you throw a little person in the mix, especially one you (a) like being around & (b) don't want to just drop off with anyone, it becomes difficult to just go see the latest thing out.  I then moved on to DVD's, I figured, maybe I could just review newly released movies on DVD's or even perhaps the latest in a specific genre of movies & DVD's.  Perhaps some other form of entertainment.  Concerts, venues, DJ's...  Do you see where I'm headed here.  Once again, lack of focus, lack of a commitment.

So here I am back at the drawing board, trying to figure out what is the one thing that I'm passionate about? What can I always "stay up on" & make sure the commentary is relevant?  Some would say, "why does it have to be one thing?"  It doesn't, but I would like to start somewhere and have a baseline of knowledge. So while I search and try to think of something that will continue to draw interest and continued support by others, I reach out to everyone who reads this-- What would you consider worthwhile and interesting?

Holla back...

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