Yoga Core Strengthening

I just got on Instagram because my sister kept posting pictures of my niece that she hadn't txt to me. I felt left out. Anyway, I finally decided to join. I have posted no pics or videos just yet, but I have a plan for that. I've decided my Instagram has a purpose. Soon my twitter & Facebook will as well. Ya know - aside from random social media outlets.

Anyway ... back to what I'm really here to post. One of my old friends has been posting all types of yoga poses that she's been mastering. Pretty sweet! I saw her do a headstand pose & BOOM! I decided I wanted to do that. Yeah, well I don't know how to do that. I'm afraid of gravity nowadays. Sssooo instead of going head first, I decided to work up to a headstand.

How does one work up to a headstand? I didn't know. I did some research. Well before I did research, I asked my husband. Had there been video cameras in our household that night, we'd be a bit richer. We have issues and LOTS of fun when mom lets loose. What'd we do? We did headstands against the couch. Well, not really. I couldn't get the hang of it because I'm afraid of gravity. My husband was able to do several of them, BUT he also works out so many times a week & is obsessed with his abs. I do not work out like that (I should, but I don't) and I am not obsessed with my abs (I just cover them up). And of course lil man had to get in on it. While he can't do a headstand, he thinks he's a pro at flipping so we flipped. Yup my grown behind was flipping around the living room. Lil man thought he was teaching me how to flip, but really I just needed his encouragement to get over my gravity issue. So we flipped. And bbbboooyyy - one of those times, my grown behind THOUGHT I broke my backside. I flipped and it certainly sounded worst than what it was. I stopped flipping for a bit cause it did hurt just a little bit. Good thing I'm quite curvy - those curves cushioned that fall. Gravity tried to take me out, but it's cool. I shall get this.

So I researched poses cause clearly my family is way too adventurous for me. I need calm, slow steps. All that "just flip" and "just do this" stuff didn't work for me. I researched and found that I'd better tighten up the core to be able to do that headstand. Bbbbboooo!! I'm not a fan of crunches, sit ups, and push ups. There has to be something else. Well, I kept somehow going back to the yoga poses and exercises. Yoga it was - something new for me, right? Nope. I had done yoga before so I found an old yoga DVD. I went through it and realized at the end why I had put it away. It was more about relaxing your body. I need no help with that. I'm darn good at relaxing and going to sleep, which is what I did for about 10 minutes at the end of that DVD. Not good & not what I wanted. So back to Google ...

I then found poses that were supposed to lead up to the headstand. Something about working up to holding them 5 minutes each. Hecks yeah! I wanna do that. I started with the shoulder-stand cause it looked like something that I could do. I did it. Somewhat. I even made it 5 minutes. I did it, but I know my posture was nothing like it needed to be. So back to my core focus again. Well, I found something that at least worked last night & I'm still feeling it this morning.

This Yoga Workout For Your Abs did wonders for the beginning of my journey: http://www.womenshealthmag.com/yoga/yoga-workout-for-your-abs. I'm actually looking forward to mastering these poses and strengthening my core. I wasn't bored with the workout nor did I feel overwhelmed by it. Perfect! So while this is just Day 2 of the workout, it's been a good week or so for the yoga obsession. This could possibly work. So here are my yoga goals.

Yoga: I commit to practice my yoga poses everyday. I commit to taking a picture of a pose once a week to start and increase it as my confidence increases. I aim to be able to do a headstand by the end of the summer. My ultimate goal (before I move to loftier ones) is to be able to do a headstand for 5 minutes.

What's your current workout obsession? Do you yoga? You hardcore gym-ing it? You pole dancing? Let me know. I always need inspiration to keep going and I'm all about sharing your story if you let me. Oh and feel free to lend some advice & tips here. Y'all know I get sidetracked easily.

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