I love sports.  I have played many of them myself and I can sit back and watch just about any of them on T.V. for a good amount of time.  I can watch the pre-game show, the game, the highlights AND the news coverage of just about any game.  I really don’t have too much of a preference between college and professional.  I just love to watch sports on T.V..  Sometimes though, things will get a little too far behind if that’s all I do.  After dinner, I may sit down and watch the Knicks play for a minute, only to realize that I have dishes to clean and put up, (me and my wife have this deal - whoever does not cook, cleans up.  Since she usually cooks, I usually clean).  I might be in the middle of washing clothes on Saturday afternoon, while sitting down and watch the Wolverines try not to give me high blood pressure, only to get just one load washed, dried and folded, when I have 3 additional loads that need my attention as well.

My wife, rightfully so, will and has called me out about my lack of focus on our household duties and responsibilities.  I take my lumps like a man, but I am very much appreciative of her keeping me on my “P’s & Q’s” on a regular basis.  She doesn’t nag or create a “honey-do” list.  Sometimes she doesn’t even say anything (that’s when I know I better get on my isht and get to it).  But my wife keeping me accountable is something that has helped our marriage in totality.  

This is not just a one sided deal.  I feel, and at times have acted accordingly, that I need to remind her of things as well.  It’s never done maliciously, from either party, but it is done and we both are capable of being adults about it and not get mad because the other had something to say.  The overall goal in our household is to get better, and not stay stagnant.  In our relationship with each other and those outside our household.

The fact remains that many times you get so caught up in your own personal “zone” that you neglect others.  Sometimes, you even neglect your responsibilities.  I have tried to become more diligent about making sure all of my duties/chores are taken care of before I go into my own thing, or at least I plan for accomplishing my duties throughout my own personal enjoyment.  So now, I watch the game, but I know at the commercial breaks, I need to make sure the clothes are not ready for the next stage.  I clean the table before I sit down and relax for the evening.  I may not be perfect, but I do work to make sure I’m getting better.

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