Happy Mother's Day

Today is Mother’s Day. Happy Mother’s Day to all of the women out there. Yes, I mean all. In all of my years, I’ve always felt Mother’s Day was a day to celebrate all of the Mothers in my life. I’m special so God ensured that I had a lot of them surrounding me. I needed it (and still need it) in so many ways. My mothers consisted of a myriad of ladies who touch me in so many ways without even knowing it. They’re the one that just call to say “hi” and my day is that much better just from hearing their voices. They are the ones that know me better than I know myself. They knew before I knew and have already prepared me for what is now happening. They speak life into me, they inspire me, they challenge me … and most of all they love me, they love us. Now that I am a mother, I appreciate them even more, I understand them more than ever, and I love them more than I ever have before. So on today, we just simply want to let all of our mothers know we love you all dearly!

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