Alex Cross, Run

What’s going oooonnnnn?!

Today, the Table TalkN Review Board is going to look at Alex Cross, Run, by James Patterson.  I just finished this book today and let me say it was exhilarating.  I literally found myself sneaking in moments to read chapters.  The thing, I personally, like about James Patterson’s books are his chapters aren’t “super” long.  Usually 2 pages.  Now, there are a lot of chapters, but I can deal with that if they only last a page or 2.  {It makes it easy to read a chapter while sitting at your desk without someone questioning why you’re not doing anything}.

This book finds our hero, Alex Cross, investigating murders, as expected, but the interesting twist is someone is also investigating him.  Like all Cross’s adventures, the line between professional and personal get blurred real easily, but unlike his books - this is not his fault.  At all.  When the possibility of 3 serial killers running loose on the streets of D.C. make front line news AND someone is messing with Cross’s family - there is bound to be a thrill ride for those tagging along.

The conclusion of the book wasn’t necessarily as expected either, at least for me.  I was looking for the usual “Bad guy goes to jail or dies and the good guy (Cross) rides into the sunset with very little scars or damage”.  NOPE!  They ended this book on a relatively different note.

I have read (or listened) to all of Alex Cross’ books (There are 20), and this one was my 2nd favorite - Roses Are Red being my all time favorite.  Now this may be so high on my list because the last one out, Merry Christmas, Alex Cross, was my least favorite - It really did leave something to be desired - but never-the-less, this book helps to remind me of why I enjoy reading these books so much.
So as I rate this book - I give it a solid “A”.  I have grown accustomed to a certain level of writing and suspense from James Patterson when it comes to Alex Cross, and this one delivered as expected.  So until next time readers, remember your pages number - little kids like bookmarks!

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