The Security of "Securing"...


Once again, we have been blessed to see another day.  Whenever I wake up and thank God for allowing me to open my eyes, I always know, that I have “work” to do.  That “work” could fall in the place of anything, but I know that I always have “work” to do.  

Today I keep running into Security issues - more-so “insecurity”.  If you remember we discussed how we, at Second Baptist Church of Ann Arbor, have been taught that love - real love is broken down as “Understanding”, “Reaching” & “Securing” {based off the scripture John 3:16}
I’ve discussed “understanding” before & I’ll go into “reaching” at some time - trust me, there’s a lot that can be said for each of these “words”.  

One of the biggest issues, I find, when it comes to relationships, is trust.  Most people have a hard time giving of themselves if they don’t trust others.  It’s hard to trust someone when they haven’t “proved” themselves to you.  Most people begin to open up once they’ve established a baseline of how much they trust someone.  To trust someone, you must feel secure that they won’t let you down.  And if they don’t keep your trust, well, insecurity starts to work its way into the fold...

I, personally, look at security from both sides of the coin, if you will.  How secure I am in a relationship AND how can I make others feel secure about their relationship with me.  I can honestly and truthfully say, I am a Happily Married Man.  I feel good knowing that my wife will take care of me in good times and bad, sickness and health, and all that stuff we “vowed” to each other on September 6, 2009, at 6:23 pm (approximately).  I know that she values our relationship and I am not worried about her “not coming home at night”.  I do not have to worry about her “stepping out” on me and my confidence in our relationship is sky high.

On the converse, I also want more opportunities to secure her.  I love being able to “take care” of my family.  A roof over their head, clothes on their backs, an occasional gift to show how much I love and appreciate them.  But I also want them to see that they should not be concerned with me doing things that may cause them to lose their trust in me.  This mentality has helped to keep me out of hot water many times.  

The main principle that I have began to live by is full disclosure.  With that, I do not have to worry about anyone doubting what I am telling them and they have every right to check up on “my story” (Plus lying can get way too complicated way too quickly, and frankly, I don’t have good luck, I would get confused and caught up with my lies, not worth it).  I believe that most people will see me and my wife and they will be able to understand why we love each other like we do.  We are working to teach my son this same way of life and hope and pray that he learns this particular lesson early on.

There is more to come at a later time, and probably in a different angle - we shall see.  But for now, please know, that I am trying to grow as a son, a father, a husband, a friend, a brother, and, most importantly, as a man.  My question is, are you?  

Until next we chit chat...

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