Iron Man 3

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Today, the Table TalkN Review Board looks at Iron Man 3, with Robert Downey Jr representing once again as Tony “Iron Man” Stark.  Like all of Marvel’s movies surrounding their “Avenger Initiative” it’s a banger!  There is no way that I would, in any world, say that this movie was a flop. It was SWEEEEETTT.  

For this movie we focus solely on Tony Stark and his life “after New York”.  {Side note - if you haven’t seen The Avengers movie, I HIGHLY suggest you stop reading this post and go out and buy it NOW!!!!} Back to Iron Man 3.  It’s difficult to have a successful Trilogy based on one character, but somehow Marvel comics have done it.  I will say that they cheated somewhat because they synced this trilogy up with other characters and built an empire of movies around the comics, but they have done it successfully.  To say that they have had seven movies to date, with more to come in the future, and all of them have been blockbusters, is an understatement.  Iron Man 3, is definitely no exception.

Our hero faces struggles that one could only imagine after being involved in such a plight as he went through (being held hostage, having a magnet strapped to his chest to keep his heart from being ravished by shrapnel, facing aliens, working with a loud angry black man with an eye patch).  He attempts a normal (for a billionaire superhero) life, only to become drawn in more by what he has created.  This movie was great, period.

There was one item that pissed me off royally when it came to the movie, and I’m not even, what you would call, a comic book purist.  But for any of you that know the comics, you’ll know how bad this moment is when you see it - NO! I won’t ruin it for anyone.  But just know, for this to happen and for me to still rate it as high as I did - means the movie was pretty frickin’ AWESOME!!!

So my score for this movie - It’s an “A -“  A high “A -” but an “A -” never the less.  I gave it that grade because (1) The pissed off situation & (2) my wife said she would leave me for Iron Man {not Tony Stark, just Iron Man - crazy lady...}

So until next time - Remember keep the lights low & the cell phones on vibrate...

Table TalkN Review Board Out!

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