Banned for... What?!

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Today I was perusing various articles before I got started on my day and came across one that caught my attention.  The title of the article was “Team Banned for Act of Faith”, look it up when you get a chance.  Now most times (especially on Yahoo) I tend to look at the comments more than I do the article.  They are very telling of the overall climate of the article and act as somewhat a barometer on how people {reading the articles} feel.  This one was no different.

To summarize what took place, a Texas teen, on a 4 x 100 relay team pointed up to heaven after his team had finished the race and qualified for the State Championship.  His entire relay team was banned and will not have another chance to qualify.  That was it.  He didn’t point and laugh at the other opponents, he didn’t do the “throat slashing” motion.  He didn’t flip off the people in the stands.  He simply raised his hand (to his ear) and pointed to the Heaven above.  This act was deemed an act of “Excessive Celebration”.

To this, I say - Horse Pucky.  I would actually use some other words, but it may distract from the point I’m trying to make.  I take many issues with this act of banning the team.  And not just because it was their last time to qualify for state championships.  I feel bad for the guys, all of them.  But I feel worse for this country, because I feel as if we are all too concerned about not offending anyone.

My issues:
  1. I am a professing Christian and I believe in giving my God the glory at any and all time.  So for you to say that a person cannot even show even a little bit of an act of faith is ridiculous to say the least.  Are we so concerned that our personal act may (not “will”, not “definitely”, but “may”) offend others that do not believe as you do, that you don’t want to even let a little act like this happen?  What’s next? Suspension or expulsion from your school or job for praying over your food?

  1. The constitution.  We can have free speech.  We can have choice of religion.  I guess as long as it doesn’t offend anyone, right? Wait, wait - This is the same constitution that allows the KKK to hold public rallies in a downtown courthouse.  Or people can create grotesque signs and post up outside an abortion clinic, as long as they’re not trespassing.  These rules are left up to interpretation, to be used however and whenever people see fit - manipulating the system for their personal agendas. So why would such a gesture as a finger pointing up to heaven, not even a raised hand, but a finger only raised to his head, that you had to be paying attention to the guy himself to see, be deemed such a demonstrative act that this young man would be vilified?

  1. The word “Excessive”.  This word, by definition means more than is necessary, normal or desirable; exorbitant, extreme, unreasonable.  Now, at the risk of sounding like Allen Iverson when he went on about practice, but excessive..? He just raised his hand to his ear. And you call that excessive..? Not stopped the rest of the track meet and made everyone bow, but just raised his hand to his ear: excessive..? Come oooonnn now! excessive..?  He didn’t pull out the bible or start quoting scriptures to all those that didn’t qualify for states; excessive..? I’m just saying, excessive..? That seems a bit extreme to be considered “extreme”.  There are so many other things that could have been considered excessive. But a small act like this. excessive..?

Ok - I’m done, but for real; this is part of the problem with what’s going on in the world today.  I tell my employees all the time, stop worrying about what others are doing and be accountable for yourself.  People need to stop being concerned about what others are doing that does not affect them and just go on living.  I’m the first at my job to witness and testify about what my God has done for me.  Do I ever expect to be called out for it? No.  Am I ready if it does happen? Yes.  So my question is: Are you?

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