May 25th Review

Howdy Howdy e'ry one...

Today, as we like to focus on reviews, and it being a special day in the life of my love (her day of birth), I would like to take this moment to look over the past 10 years of our life together. Yes. We've only been married for 4 years this September. Yes, we have only dated for a little over 7 years. But we have known each other for 10 years (and not really on good terms either). 

We actually 1st met at Second Baptist Church, at a ministry fair. Me and my fellow co-chair of our Singles Ministry were publicizing our next event for our age group, which my future bride did not fit in at the time.  Upon meeting her and her friend though, I was unaware of this. I eventually found out and spent "less than 100%" trying to get her to attend. As a matter-of-fact, I did everything that you would want to do to get someone to hate you. I talked about her name, her mama, even spent more effort and attention on her friend. Now I did this all very sarcastically and very humorously so we all laughed, but needless to say, we did not keep in touch for a few years. 

Fast forward to 2005: music pumping, people dancing, future wifey relatively fresh out of a long term relationship, me; just out of a "relationship" with someone very nice and sweet, just not really for me. Neither one of us looking for anything serious. Just trying to have a little fun when we discovered that maybe, just maybe we could try this fun thing with each other. She had forgiven me for talking about her, I stopped trying to holla at her friend, this might work for the time being. 

Fall 2007: A situation that could have rocked the foundation of any relationship occurred between us (to be shared at another time) happened. Instead of causing a drift or leading us apart, we were brought closer together. It was then that I realized that I wanted to spend my life with this woman. 

Current day: We are have some of the funniest times together. We have an amazing 2 year old (who forgets he's only 2 sometimes).  And we are happy. Happy in love, happy in life and happy to see what tomorrow will bring. 

But for today, I want to say Happy Birthday to my love!

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