Best Friends - Toddler Style

Have you ever had a friend that you’re just excited to see?!

Lil man has a friend like that. It is very heartwarming that he has found a friend that is just as excited to see him as he is to see him. They run to each other like they haven’t just seen each other the other day. I mean it’s like a movie scene to see these two running towards each other. Then they cry when we must separate them for any reason (dinner, bath/bed time, rain, etc) and we all cringe to have to be the parent to initiate it. We try to work together and plan around each other.

The other great thing about this is that we like our lil man’s best friend’s parents too. They’re cool peeps and we love that they’re our neighbors and the parents of his lil friend. The kids are both around the same age (friend recently turned 3) so we’re looking forward to them attending school and just growing up together. Fun times ahead!!

{... excerpt from today’s thoughts as the kiddies played a lil longer than planned in their battery operated vehicles}

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