Dear -ME-

Good day my friends,

As I sit and write this post, I reflected back on what we stand for (Table TalkN).  It’s quite simple, “Everything is on the table. Nothing is left unsaid. Join the conversation.”  That’s pretty direct and to the point.  Every post I have written and posted has been to the general public.  Sharing a story or 2, telling you of my most recent experience and/or thoughts.  While this post is not by any means private, it is directed at one person.  The person who has stolen my heart, got caught doing it, and refused to give it back.  This is my letter to my wife:

Dear -ME-

They say time flies when you’re having fun, but what about when you’re doing more?  While we haven’t reached the 7 year marriage point, I’m pretty confident I won’t EVER get the itch!  I am having too much fun every day that I wake up next to you.  We always seem to find things to talk about, and even when we don’t agree, we do agree that we each have a valid point.

You have given so much of yourself to me, more than you would anyone else and for that, I thank you.  You have allowed me to enter into that dark recess of your heart and allowed me to comfort you when you’re sad, laugh with you when you're happy and sit with you, when you just want to be quiet.

And even though you claim to be the “mean one” of the two of us, it’s relative.  Because, no matter how hard you try, you can’t help but to give love to everyone you come into contact with.  They may not like what you are saying (self included) but it always comes from a place of love and I appreciate that.

You said the other day, that you feel for our son because he loves so hard and it might cause him to get hurt as he grows.  He learned that from you ya know?!  The reasons that he has such a big heart is because of you.  He may have gotten his million dollar smile from me, :-D  but he loves like his “mommy”.  I thank you for bringing another level of your love to me.  You continue to find ways (whether intentional or not) to show me how much you love me.

Let it also be known, that you inspire me.  The reasons that I do what I do is so that you can be happy & taken care of.  I was hanging with some of my friends the other night and they were speaking about their wives (nothing bad) but just talking about what they (the wives) do that they (the husbands) like.  And one asked, “if they do “xyz” do the husbands reciprocate?”  I couldn't help to think that I’m so glad that our relationship is not like that.  It’s not an “if, then” relationship.  We do for each other because we genuinely want to do nice things.  I don’t work out for all the traditional reasons, I know that you appreciate that I’m in shape. (Maybe a little ego plays a part, but it’s not a big part...)

So as I sit here, reflecting back on the past 8 years of my life (1 year without you and 7 with you in my life) my admiration and gratitude for you continues to grow. I realize that I may have “found you”, but you chose me, and for that, I thank you!

I love you, always!


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