Coupon Excitement

Hey y'all! If you've been following us and paying attention, you know we're all about a good deal. Matter of fact, I told y'all about one just last night (Bzz) - I'm building up to even more. Anyway, because we're in to deals, it was just a  matter of time before we got into couponing. No, we're not Extreme about it, but we're pretty efficient at it nowadays. We have a system that seems to work so well that we saved almost $50 during one of our shopping trips. Great right? Yeah, we thought so and became even more vigilant about it.

That was a few months ago ... fast forward to this past weekend. I went on a shopping trip (a small one), but I left the store without spending 1 cent!!! Seriously, everything was free because a sista got into couponing and actually keeping up with the sites for the FREE deals. Y'all hear me. I get FREE stuff. So yeah, now I'm all about this couponing stuff now. Still not going Extreme, but more than willing to give out my system. You want on? Well, here ya go.

Here's an excerpt from an email I sent to one of my girls cause she actually came through for my face-to-face "How to Start Couponing" spiel.
Wait, first: Sign-up for them, but know that a lot of sites have the same coupons. I sign-up for those few that aren't the same or the items I plan to get that may need more than 1 coupon (rare, but it happens).

Kroger Plus kroger.com - I know you already have this, but make sure to check back often because they randomly have things that they don't necessarily advertise. And right now they have the Free Friday Downloads. You have to go to the site to download whatever is free for the week.

MPerks https://mperks.meijer.com/mperks - Most printed coupons are manufacturer so you can use them here too. Mperks also has their own coupons similar to the Kroger Plus ones - digital. And they just got a sort of Rewards program in which you can earn personalized rewards - I don't shop there enough to be successful at this, but that's because Kroger is more convenient.

CellFire cellfire.com - More digital coupons for your Kroger Card. They just added a few more stores (RiteAid, Hiller's, & DeCA [<- no idea what this is]) and they do have some printable coupons.

SavingStar savingstar.com - Just found this one so I can't vouch, but I did sign-up. I'll update you on this one as I figure out more about it. You don't get an immediate return though so I'm not so sure about it.

SmartSource smartsource.com - Generally, these are mostly the same as the printable ones that come in the paper. This is why I said you don't need to buy a paper. :)

Coupons.com coupons.com - I think you said you may already be signed up. If not, make sure to sign-up. There are digital and printable ones. There are also coupon codes for things other than groceries so check 'em out.

P&G pgeveryday.com - Sign-up. You get coupons more-so for household/cleaning, but yeah. They also have digital ones.

Valpak valpak.com - Coupons for a whole bunch of stuff (groceries, clothes, restaurants, etc.); some digital, but I think most are printable and there are coupon codes.
SO you're welcome for this. Feel free to let me know of any sites or sources you have for getting the BEST deals around.

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