Challenge 4: Love Notes

So as promised ... 

Below is the base of the letters that I'm writing. 30 people will receive this next month. I'll mail them all at the same time.

Hey! Hopefully you are receiving this some time within the week of May 25, 2013. If you know what that day is, then great! If not, I still love you anyway and I’ll tell you just how much and why below. I know this letter may seem random, but it really isn’t. I’ve been thinking about writing it for years now, but just never made the time to do it due to all kinds of excuses. This year, I’ve been trying to figure out what to do for my big 3-0 birthday (yes, that’s what that day is) that would be different, unique, and all me. The plans run the gamut, but I knew either way I wanted to somehow show some love and appreciation for those who have contributed to me making it to this big day. So on my day, I’m thinking of you and all that you’ve done for me deliberately or not. Now that I’m done making excuses, I hope to make this an annual letter because what better way is there to prepare for my birthday than telling you all the ways that I love you to date?

Obviously, it is way after May 25th, but better late than never for stuff like this huh? Whether you agree or not, this is what I've decided to do. So far, I have 5 notes done. Great start eh? Maybe, maybe not. The interesting thing about these notes is that they are emotionally draining. I've never experienced such mixed emotions so yeah ... it's a pretty hard one. Plus, y'all know I'm not really into emotions and whatnots. It's actually why I decided to mail them and not personally deliver them. That'd be too much for my non-emotional self right now. 

Oh for those who may not receive one this time around, no worries. It's NOT that I don't love you. It's just the nature to such things. Maybe you'll get one the next time around. Maybe you just think more of yourself than I do. Maybe I just suck at recognizing your importance in my life. Who knows? Either way, don't be offended. You may mention it to me to place your love note on my radar, but don't be all extra about it or you'll NOT get a doggone thing. I don't have to be nice to you. Always, remember that. But I do love you because you may need my love for now. {Do you believe I have to be nice to you just because I love you? Another post for another day.}

Love y'all much!!

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