Bzz: Frontera Wine

Hey Folks: I just wanted to give you all a heads up. I’m a BzzAgent.

What’s that, you ask? HA! It’s awesome. I get to try things out for FREE or a GREAT DISCOUNT. In return, I take on the role of pretty much a worker bee :) I spread the word, bzz-ing all over about the latest, greatest product that has graced our house through me being a bzzagent. I’m quick to post about it on twitter and even quicker to pass out coupons that I have to get my friends & family in on these great products deals. If you haven’t received one, you haven’t been around at the right time.

Anyway, my most recent one was a Frontera At-Home Wine Tasting. We saved $5 off two bottles of Frontera Pinot Noir &/or Moscato. We bought one of each so here’s our review.

Frontera Pinot Noir:
Jason (not necessarily a red wine drinker): Surprisingly tasty for a red wine.
Me: Pretty Delish. I’d buy it again.

Frontera Moscato:
Jason: Not all that great.
Me: It was along the lines of most Moscato to me. I'm not a big Moscato fan though so I suppose that's not saying much. I'm more of a red wine gal myself.
We had friends over when we popped the Moscato bottle open & they enjoyed it so you should go taste for yourself.
Frontera Brand:
For the price, we would definitely try this brand again. We were very surprised by the tastes of these given the regular price of the wine. Our rebate made it even better!
I already passed out my rebate coupons, but there will be more so stay tuned until my next bzz ...

{... OOOORRRRR you could sign up to become a bzzagent yourself at www.bzzagent.com.}

P.S. I, of course, have to respond to my husband's delightful letter at another date. Y'all know how we do - can't be normal about anything. Plus he surprised me so I'll have to wait him out til he's not thinking about it anymore. Heh heh heh ... Still on that challenge flow even though I've been slacking. This one is "hard yo!"

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