Road Trip

RRROOOAAADDDD TTRRRIIPPP!!! Exciting eh? Heh heh heh! For real, we're on a road trip. So look forward to short posts with just pictures or videos as we go along our road trip.

I'll tell y'all all about our trip when I return. It's my 1st road trip (ya know where we actually stop and chill for a bit). It's lil man's 1st road trip (and most plans revolve around activities that he'd love - pools, Children's Museums and whatnots). It's Jason's 1st road trip with us (dealing with a crazy wife and crazier toddler shall prove interesting - eh?). It's OUR 1st road trip and we shall enjoy each other and the open road ahead.

See y'all soon! And we look forward to sharing our travels ... woo hoo! ROAD TRIP!!!

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