Gallie ... Hey Gallie!

So I just got a new phone; that new Samsung Galaxy S4. It's pretty cool! Not as creepy as I thought it would be with that whole following your eyes & movement to stop a video, scroll through a book, etc. BLASTED! I just dropped the doggone phone too. This is some BULL! It fell right out of my pocket, like that's okay, onto the asphalt. I picked it up & it is cracked - like one of those iPhone cracks ... Gggrrrrrr!!!

What do I do? I go to the store to get a new phone. I jjuussstttt got it, but I am still outside of the return to sender time. Cost? $200. NO!! I didn't even pay that for the doggone phone! Independent Screen Replacement Retailers? $100-150. NO!! To Google, I go. What'd I find? This:

and so what did I do? Well ...

I was going to post a video of me doing just that. I was sssooo tempted because it looks like so much fun [I have an engineering background ... electrical at that]. However, I just broke down and busted up our Christmas Savings because I didn't want to void my warranty and I especially didn't want to mess up my phone even more. Also, I kept looking at reviews for the screen replacement kits on Amazon and stuff was looking real fishy!

Guess what though ... it was NOT $200 AND it arrived the next day (didn't even take 24hours)!! Woo hoo! So I'm back in business with Gallie & I can get back to the extras in life.
Sidebar: Y'all walking around with these cracked screens, how do you do it? I was too disturbed by my phone being broken like that. I wouldn't even put the phone all the way up to my ear for fear of being cut. Actually, I hid the doggone phone for those 10 days cause I just didn't even wanna look at it like that. I didn't even realize just how much it bothered me until I felt the wight lift when I broke down and placed that insurance claim for my new phone. Sidebar End
 Oh wait, before I head on out. didn't do very well with my challenge last month, but y'all got more posts than usually right? Yeah. So I'll keep up with that sine my goal is to have something for y'all everyday ... ONE of these days. The new challenge of this month though is a bit more personal. This month I'm writing my Love Notes. if you haven't heard about it, I'll give another post tomorrow concerning it. But yeah ... this is probably the MOST emotional challenge I'll do, but since I haven't thought of them all - ya never know.

Alright y'all, I'm out - time to finish getting Gallie right. Oh and about the title. That's my wake-up command for Gallie. Lil man likes to repeat me to see if Gallie will respond to him too. Silly kid! He has the "Stop" command down for my alarms though.

Until next time, don't drop your phone! Heh heh heh!

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