Bugs, Bugs, & More Bugs ... Life Near a Pond

So about these bugs ...

The other day I rid our home of a HUGE spider. I'm not exactly fearful of spiders, but I don't like them in my space. I won't hurt them if they are outside and stay out there; this one ran his fast tail into my house. Sorry, spider lovers, but that's NOT cool! Well, I'm thinking the lil bugs outside my door should have been excited about that cause that joker was trapping all of them. Seriously, we knocked down several HUGE webs. We won't even open the front door - if you visit, we will ask you to come through our garage. Well, NOW I think these jokers are getting out of hand. There are bugs, huge bugs, all over my front door. I don't like it at all. I am NOT a fan of bugs. Maybe that huge spider was keeping these jokers at bay for us. I'm not sure though cause he was getting too comfy around my front entrance. But anyway, not getting on my box today. Here's what I saw when I looked outside of my windows last night. Enjoy ... (or not)
 Keep in mind that I took these photos through my window so the quality isn't that great, but you get my drift.

So moving right along. The other bugs that we have BAD are mosquitoes. Those things bite & bite & bite some more beginning around 7:30/8ish. That must be when they get awaken to eat cause boy have they feasted on us. I mean I get those huge bumps & everything from them. And they will feast anywhere on your body - it's terrible. 

Whelp, that's our life near a pond. We actually have a few in the neighborhood, but I'm sure it's more because we have one in our backyard. I love my home, but these bugs got to go!!! Anyone know of any plants or natural solutions for keeping them at bay? I hate gardening, but I'll plant some citronella and whatever else needed to keep these jokers away from my home. 

Also, about that pond ... we've had to take care of a snake a couple months ago (I'll call it an anaconda, but I believe others refer to them as garter snakes - eh!)

Alright y'all that's enough of that. Tomorrow's post will describe my new challenge - no bugs involved. Heh heh heh!

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