Dark Girls, Zimmerman, & Voting Rights

This post is a good 3 weeks late (I wrote it on 6/25/13), but I wanted to post it anyway cause a follow-up is coming.

A lot has been going on these past few week or better yet the past couple days on my TL. It began with everybody watching Dark Girls; everyone except me - we don’t have cable & the tv is usually on some version of Thomas the Tank Engine. The next morning I checked it out to find that the Zimmerman Trial had finally begun & they were trying to argue that the child’s parents leave - what a mess! And today, I see a decision has been made concerning the Voting Rights Act - ooohhh, the indignity! The weight and burden of this unloving world …

Dark Girls: Although, I didn’t watch it, I did see the many comments of my peers both on my TL and on Facebook (gasp! Yes, I went on there for a second). Your comments really did stir something in my soul. Some of my dark girl friends have experienced things like myself with comments of “If you were lighter” or “You’re pretty to be so dark”. Others didn’t get it because (gratefully) the people surrounding them shielded them from the foolishness of it all. I find that my experience was two-fold in that I still have an aunt who calls me “lil darkie” and another who remembers her husband calling me “lil grease”, but I also had those who ensured that I understood that “the blacker the berry, the sweeter the juice”. I think I should have issues at this age, but I don’t. I love myself, my skin tone, AND this mess of natural hair on my head. It breaks my heart when I see y’all folks out here concerned about that kind of stuff all in the name of being a part of some culture that really won’t ever fully accept you. Ladies & gentlemen be the Love that you want!

Zimmerman: This is the saddest thing I’ve seen in a long time. I don’t know what the outcome will be from this trial. I won’t distribute any other thoughts about it either. BUT I do fear for my son, my dark lil chocolate drop of smoke (conglomeration of how others describe him). My son is rough because his parents are rough with him. However, he is also very mannerable, loving, and funny IF you know him. It is frightening to know that because of his very skin color, he will be a threat. It is even worse that it could also be caused by the simple clothing that he wears. I can’t even fathom the pain of those parents (and many others) who have lost their children to such senseless acts of foolishness. And then to add on the media frenzy and everything else that comes with that. I fear for my child now & forever more. Because of this, I am constantly sending up streams of prayers for his safety & protection. My child may get on my nerves, but he is a piece of my heart and will be forever so yeah … why must we be so far off the mark?

Voting Rights Act: The decision surrounding this one was very much expected by myself. With all of the racially charged politics of being an American, why are you surprised? I am not. Can’t be for the simple truth of the ugliness and unfairness of being in America. Our system is flawed and this decision just furthers that agenda. We are a people with no cause, no land, no solidarity, no familiarities, no nothing. Are y’all really surprised? I am not. We are both hard working & lazy, smart & dumb as rocks, agreeable & harsh … see where I’m going? Why are you surprised? I am not! Cheers to the foolery of politics & the people pushing these ridiculous agendas.

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