Hey folks! If you follow us on Twitter, you've probably seen #DateHour pop up several times. We don’t actually tweet about it every day, but still we’re pretty frequent about it.

It is going to probably be the basis for our next random project, but more about that after we've finally solidified that. What’s Date Hour? It’s our way of continuing to date while not having the time or resources to be able to do weekly or monthly date nights. So to rectify that, we implemented Date Hour. Almost every day, we set aside an hour for just us. Some nights it is a simple dessert & wine date. Other nights have been movie nights. And some others have been actually going out for late night drinks. Yet others have been more business meetings (financials, business planning, etc.). All in all, we use that time to continue to reconnect & reinforce our love for each other each and every day.

Woo hoo for the forever dating married life! I’m loving mine - what about you?

{... just a thought excerpt.}

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