One Good Deed Does NOT Redeem You

So I’ve been avoiding this Zimmerman mess since that ridiculous verdict. Yeah, I said it! It was ridiculous. {See thoughts here} Anyway, now this craziness about him saving some folks from this overturned vehicle. Bravo! Proud of you Z-Man. Or maybe not. Sir, that is a very noble thing you did there. It is also the humane thing to do. However, sir, I can not really provide you with a hero cookie for that because I got rid of your hero flour when you shot that kid & claimed fear for your life.

See, here is the issue: Your one good deed has NOT and will NOT redeem you from that one terrible deed. Sorry, but it doesn’t work that way for me. I don’t know about these other folks, but I ain’t buying it. Funny thing is I’m not saying you’re a bad guy either. And you, your fam, and your attorneys were pretty smart for that defense. This whole saving a family from an overturned SUV though has proved to me that you could not possibly have been that afraid of that unarmed child you shot & killed. Why? Well, personally that SUV could have exploded, another car could have hit you while you were saving that family, anything could have happened. That is a scary thing and someone afraid of an unarmed teenage boy should not be assisting in such a scary feat. Leave that for the real heroes - someone who would have possibly just escorted the child home instead of being confrontational and sparking the child’s survival instinct, which then forced you into standing your ground. SMH! Please, get outta here with that mess. Go back into hiding and embrace what you have brought upon yourself and your family.

Speaking of hiding, who called you to the scene to help these people? You are supposed to be hiding because you are so afraid. Was this a setup? If it was, it was too soon. You should have waited a little bit longer. I’m not moved by this one deed. Because of you, I must now teach my son the ways of generations before us because he is not safe from fearful folks standing their ground. In the same discussion, I will have to also inform him that he may not do the same in a reverse situation. Ridiculousness!

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