Marriage Enrichment ...

So today was our annual Progressive Dinner. It wasn't so progressive in that we only had one home, but it was just as much fun as usual. I absolutely love when we all get together and just sit around eating & enjoying fellowship with other married folk. Yeah, workshops are good, but they’re even better when done with folk you know. Don’t you think? I do. And we use such times as this to get to know our fellow laborers in this ministry of marriage.

Whelp, ya know there’s sometimes a downside or two or three. Today, our son broke out in a fever and we can’t explain it. He was way too subdued and was burning up. He was invited to a party, but didn't want to go nor would we have sent him with his lil body on fire like that. Although that’s terrible, he’s 2 so there are probably many more days of that. I hope not though. The other downside was it rained & rained & rained some more; didn't stop the party though - just kept us inside. And the main downside is something that we just can’t seem to put our finger on. For some reason, we just can't seem to get the numbers (attending) up. There’s always just a select few folk and we attempt to cater to everyone. I know some folk have other engagements, but seriously we only get maybe 1/5th of our pool of married folk. What’s that all about? Do people not want to enrich their marriages? Did we offend folk and now they just stay away? What’s the deal?

… and that’s all for tonight. I’m tired after such a wonderful afternoon spent with folk I really do love dearly. They make my day more than they will ever know! And the fellowship definitely enriches our marriage so we’ll keep it up for now. :)

{Keep in mind that most of this month’s post from me will be excerpts from my thoughts. That means they probably will not be totally complete nor always thought through or make sense to anyone but me on that day. It’s cool. Welcome to a small part of my mind.}

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