Kitchen Experiments

Over the last couple weeks, I've been on a roll experimenting in my kitchen. These experiments have been interesting especially the liquids, mostly tea. So tonight’s post is about just that … enjoy!

Liquid Concoctions
Ginger Tea Soda: Ginger Tea + Sugar + Soda Stream
Strawberry Basil Syrup: Strawberries + Basil + Sugar
Strawberry Basil Rum Soda: Strawberry Basil Syrup + Rum + Soda Stream
Strawberry Ginger Tea Cocktail: Strawberry Cocktail Base + Ginger Tea + Vodka
Dark N Stormy Tea: Ginger Tea + Sugar + Dark Rum
Dark N Stormy Tea Soda: Dark N Stormy Tea + Soda Stream

Food Concoctions
French Toast Oatmeal: Oatmeal + French Toast leftover egg mixture + Syrup
Root Beer BBQ Pulled Pork: Root Beer + Pork + Slow Cooker +BBQ Sauce
Creamy Herbed Chicken: Herbed Cream of Chicken Soup + Chicken + Slow Cooker

Of all the concoctions, I think the Dark N Stormy Tea was my favorite liquid. The Root Beer BBQ Pulled Pork was my hands down favorite food concoction. One of these days I’ll do better about taking pictures so y’all can see them; the strawberry basil syrup & rum soda looked amazing!!

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