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So I know y’all have been looking for those Photo Op posts, but as usual I’m a slacker. Well, actually there were some technical difficulties that just led to no posts. No worries though - they will come to the forefont within this 30-Day Challenge. This Challenge is probably just what TableTalkN needs - a Writing Challenge. Basically, I’ll write a post every day for 30 days. The good thing about that is that you’ll actually get a post (hopefully leading to constant every day posts) every day. The bad thing is that sometimes they will be really short and random; it’s how I write.

So for today, let me tell you about this dream I had during our nap time. I’m hours removed from it so it’s not as clear as it was then, but the gist of it is that I was being attacked by some Demonic Spirit that was basically trying to force me back into something. I mean it was one of those dreams where I couldn’t get up, I couldn’t move, I couldn’t even open my eyes completely and actually wake up. I was struggling something terrible too cause I thought it was actually trying to get to my child; I had to wake up. It was a serious struggle. I swore I was even screaming for help, but lil man was still asleep when I finally broke through the nightmare gasping for air. I was still breathing all extra hard, heart was still beating extra fast, and I was still a bit hazy - that nightmare was real! And it definitely was demonically sponsored. The scary thing was that the person who turned into the demon that was holding onto me and saying all kinds of crazy demonic stuff to me was someone I once was fairly close to; scary cause I once trusted that person and the person isn’t an enemy or anything either.

A drink of water, a quick bible reading, and a not-so-short prayer later … I was still shaken, but confident in the fact that Jesus took care of those Demonic Spirits and escorted them right on up outta our house. It also jump started my motivation to get back to being more diligent about my Father’s business. So for tomorrow,I’ll be letting y’all into some of that quick bible reading/study that was done after my encounter with a demonic nightmare … How does one calculate the number of a man?

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