Stand Your Ground ... Or Not

Verdict is not guilty, but that young man still does not live. This case was not even about the FACT that this man stalked and killed another person. What kind of ridiculousness is that? This case was about this man’s right to be in his own neighborhood and not feel threatened. Huh? Am I getting this right? Folks are not put directly into jail after admitting to killing someone else? That’s not how this works? I don’t even understand!

I understand that the prosecution apparently did not have their ish together. That’s my understanding solely based on my twitter timelines response to the trial. I did not watch and I’m glad I didn’t. It would have angered me on so many levels. Anyway. I don’t care if there was NO prosecution. This man admits to killing someone else. Lock him up at least for a little while to give him time to think about what he did and to ensure this is NOT the beginning to more killings. I know of too many people that are locked up for far less menacing things (indecent exposure, drinking & walking, etc.). Heck, I know of a teenager who was escorted home by 2 police cars for just walking too far to get to a friends home (during the day time, I might add). That’s excessive to me, but they claimed it was for his safety and now I see that that just may be true in certain neighborhoods.

Because of this foolishness, I will teach my son that he is not allowed to walk around in safe neighborhoods especially if vigilante neighborhood watchers are patrolling the area even IF we happen to live in that same neighborhood. Or maybe, I’ll have him be sure to carry his Freedom papers in which he has been given permission to be walking around his own neighborhood just in case he’s stopped by the slave catchers armed vigilante neighborhood watchers who don’t know him. This is foolishness! Slavery ended way too long ago for this foolishness! Jim Crow ended (officially) way too long ago for this foolishness! Yet and still, you have the right to kill a person who has more melanin than yourself based upon your preconceived fear of …?

My country tis of thee … where are our liberties?

Waiting ...

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