Who's In your Timeline?

This is real random, but I follow about 100 or so people/business/articles on Twitter.  I was just looking over my timeline (TL) for the day and realized, besides my friends, I follow a number of things, that don’t necessarily go with one another.  That’s the beauty of twitter, you can adjust and follow as you want to, not just one category that pigeonholes you in a certain “box”.  

Here are a few of the things I follow on twitter - You may find we have some of them in common, if you even have a twitter page (FYI - your name may or may not appear on this list.  It doesn’t mean I don’t follow you, it doesn’t mean I don’t like you.  It just means I did or did not include your name on the list):
@mmesarcasm - Wifey, best friend, my heart
@TableTalkN - Spread the word!!!
@motor_29 - Main man. We ALWAYS find humor in stuff
@smile1112 - Fam; just a joy to be around
@NaturalEmerald - Fam; One of the Original 3
@KattPackAllDay - Katt Williams
@deoncole - Check out Deon Cole’s Black Box
@BossLady610 - Fam; Co-Owner of My Day Spa
@Kyrarena - Homegirl that is definitely about business
@MySisterCircle - Mentoring for young ladies, Founded by @Kyrarena
@mrmisaka - Best big sister I’ve ever had
@TOAO06 - As a brother, I can’t ask for much more (I wouldn’t get a response anyway...)
@14KT - Fam; Look out for his new album dropping on 8/27; Nickel & Dimed
@_MzJessi - She plays the flute
@certifiedinja - She told me & @motor_29 about the flute...
@danieltosh - His show is not for the faint of heart...
@CTCYpsi - City of Ypsilanti
@TweakYourBiz - Online International Business Community
@BigBoi - 1/2 of the most creative and best Hip Hop groups around - Outkast
@YpsiLibrary - Ypsilanti Library
@ReggieBush - New Lion, trying to see what he’s about this year...
@Bigplaycj - Calvin Johnson Jr.; Probably the greatest/most feared receiver in the NFL today
@JalenRose - Former NBA player, Fab Five member, Charter HS founder, Detroiter
@awkwardblkgrl - She is awkward & black & a girl
@DIADetroit - Detroit Institute of Art
@VibeMagazine - They try to help me keep on top of the music game
@BarackObama - 44th President of these United States
@FLOTUS - 1st Lady that keeps it real
@DetroitLionsNFL - Detroit Lions
@DetroitPistons - Detroit Pistons
@MagicJohnson - One of the top 3 NBA players of ALL TIME!
@hbcu - I’m a proud alumni of Morehouse College - Support HBCU’s!!!
@iamjamiefoxx - Actor/Singer/Comedian
@Fidelity - Gotta keep up on my investments
@WSJ - Breaking news & features from the Wall Street Journal

Like I mentioned before, this is just an example of what I see on my TL on a daily basis.  What does it say about me?  What about you? What does your TL say about you?
Holla at me and let me know who you follow?

Get atcha!!!

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